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    This summer vacation is
    "GO! BLUE Garbage Art Contest"
    Let's join!

    Pick up the sea and mountains and create works!

    Works have two departments: Art Division and Fashion & Provision Division.

    In the two divisions, the Best Awards, Excellence Awards, Ideas Awards and Environmental Contribution Awards will be recognized.

    And this time, a representative of Pichu Pichu TOKYO, Ookura Kakiko (Oukura Makiko) will participate as a judging committee! !

    GO! BLUE Garbage Art Contest Overview

    【Implementation period

    August 1st, 2021-August 31, 2021


    Implementation summary

    · The participant collects ocean waste during the implementation period of this event,Make your own works and submit works and submitted.

    · In this event, not only the sea but also the original waste of sea bream such as the mountain / riverIt is subject to the material in preparation.

    Send photos or images related to work content by the last day of the implementation period.

    Email destination:

    · The size of the work does not matter.

    · The format is freedom (eg, presentation material attachment, photograph, video, etc.) when reporting by e-mail.

    · For works submitted by the due date, the program by the program is evaluated and award (prize) is presented from the organizer.

    · Depending on the total number of works submitted, we may carry out examination after dividing categories on the organizer side.

    · We have a participation award for everyone who submitted a work by the date.



    · Application deadline: August 31, 2021

    ·Result announcement: September 17, 2021 (Fri) 5pm At the online event

    · Interim report: If you have an INSTAGRAM account, you can post a waste collection at any time during the implementation period to her Instagram.
    Hashtag: # Goobluejapan # Garbage Art Contest

    · Final report: Please send photos of the finished works / video etc. by email to GO! Blueproject


    【Result announcement】

    We are planning to hold an online result announcement event.

    For applicants who have won awards, we will easily introduce works at the result announcement event.

    For more information, we will guide you to the participants as soon as they are.


    【Participant qualification】

    · Students who agree with GO! Blue activity, their families, friends



    · "Art Division" · "Fashion & Protection Division"

    In each of the two sectors,

    Best award · Excellence Award · Idea Award · Environmental Contribution Award

    ※ There are participating awards and prizes!


    【way to participate】

    · Application by mail is an email. (August 31, 2011 deadline)

    GO! Blue Project (GOBLUE.JAPAN @ AON.COM) Please send the following application required information and send an email for participation.

    1 representative name

    2 Instagram Account Name (Optional)

    3 Affiliation school name (optional)

    4 E-mail address

    5 Where to collect waste and date and time(If you have multiple times, please describe typical ones)


    judging committee】

    Saturach Akiho (Milkyman)

    Daisuke Makiko (PICHU PICHU TOKYO Designer)

    Takao Oriku / Senku Kurudo (Sophia University Global Environmental Studies) /

    Toshiro Saito General Managing Director (Japan Catholic School Federation) Other


    [Notes on participating]

    · In this contest, it works outdoors due to waste collection activities, so there is a risk of injury.

    · Garbage may contain dangerous goods and harmful substances.

    · AON and sponsorships are not responsible for any responsibility for injury, illness or other people, caused by activities, and their own safety.

    · Please stop entering the disabled area and dangerous place for garbage collection.

    · Personal information collected per participation is properly used and managed according to AON personal information protection policy.

    "GO! Blue Project
    (Go Blue Project) "
    What is it?

    "GO!Do you know Blue Project (Goo-Project)? "GO! BLUE PROJECT" is an effort to aim for a circulating society that reduces marine plastic waste or reduces the burden on the environment.

    When Munigei students are adults, it is a project that works together, learns the problem together, and protects the sea and nature so that you can enjoy beautiful blue sea and rich nature.

    What we can do to protect the richness of the sea

    There are four things we can do to protect the richness of the sea.

    It is "to reduce" and "Recover" "Reuse" and "Use recycling".

    Let's run this four in our lives.

    Let's spread this activity to the world! !

    Through posting in contests and SNS, I think that we can expand the same activities overseas.

    Since each outgoing call will lead to a major activity of the world, it will be a chance to protect the beautiful sea and rich nature, so let's work together.

    For the future of children
    Let's increase the number of friends with the same goal! !

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    Efforts to marine plastic issues

    Pichu Pichu TOKYO has seven important missions as a brand mission.

    One of them to a mission for marine plastic issues,

    "Do not use plastic bags, such as marine plastic issues, conduct environmentally friendly brand activities."

    There is a mission.

    The parents of the Daple, a representative of Pichu Pichu Tokyo, are from Okina Yara Island. In 2011, we will visit our parents who traveled to Okinoda-Nagahara Islands early to visit His parents often visited.

    Every long vacation visit the island and feels the wonderfulness of nature and the warmth of people, and know the current situation of various remote islands.


    In this island surrounded by beautiful sea and nature, the marine plastic problem is faced and the island people picked up garbage every morning and worked on problem solving.

    But even if it is, garbage will flow as every day.


    When you look at such problems, Pichu Pichu Tokyo

    "We will face off the marine plastic problem and conduct environmentally friendly brand activities."


    While protecting the beautiful sea and rich nature, we deliver the desired product, and we have raised a society that children make a society where children want to have a wish.