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    [Sales] Sen Co., Ltd. ART & CREATIVE CONSULTING


    [Representative Officer] Makiko Okura

    [Location] 3-5-9 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku Fuji TV Building 2F

    [Contact] info@pichupichu.tokyo

    03-6804-7172 Weekdays 11: 00-16: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and long holidays)


    [About the selling price]

    Product price displayed on this site.

    * If the amount displayed on this site is described as "amount", the "excluding tax" price is displayed.

    The final amount in the cart is "tax -included price".

    * Delivery fee is not included.


    Delivery charge

    The basic shipping cost is as follows.

    * Free shipping on orders over 5,000 yen.

    home delivery


    [Japan Post] Yu -Packet

    Date and time of receipt x tracking 〇 warranty X

    Shipping fee 300 yen

    [Japan Post] Yu -Pack

    Date and time of receiving 〇 tracking 〇 warranty

    Shipping fee 800 yen nationwide


    Gift packaging fee

    If you would like a gift wrapping, please check the desired product when purchasing.

    Gift wrapping services can be selected for free and paid.

    Some products cannot receive some gift wrapping services.

    Please note that gift wrapping after confirmation cannot be accepted.


    Payment method

    Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Authorize Net, Google Pay, PayPal, Sage Pay, Visa, Master Card, American Express


    [Delivery of products]

    Within 2 to 10 days of order (weekends and holidays closed), but may be delayed during the stock or busy period.

    If there is a shortage or delay, we will guide you immediately.

    Delivery process (Japan Post). We cannot accept different delivery destinations for each product.

    Sorry to trouble you, but please order for the delivery address.

    About Yu -Packet

    * Please note that the delivery date and time are not specified.

    * Please note that we can not guarantee any accidents, losses during delivery, loss or theft, etc.

     * It will be delivered to your home post. Please be sure to check the nameplate and lock the post.


    Distribution company when the luggage storage period has passed

    If you cannot receive it from the shipping to the storage period of the delivery company (1 week from the shipment), and return to our shop due to cancellation, communication loss, refusal to receive, long -term absence, etc., it will be shipped from our shop. We will request the shipping fee of the shipping fee when you receive it and the round -trip shipping fee of the shipping fee when you are returned to our shop.

    The shipping cost for return may be different depending on the delivery area.

    Even if you are free shipping, you will receive a round -trip fee.


    [About replacement of defective products]

    We are very careful about product inspection, but if the product is damaged or defective, or if the product that has arrived is different from the order, please contact us by e -mail within 7 days after the product arrives. 。 We will accept the shipping fee at our expense.

    If the product is a defective product, we will replace it with the same product only if there is stock. If there is no exchange stock, we will respond by refund.

    * Please forgive that you will be returned without contact.

    Please enter the following information when contacting us.

    1: Order number

    2: Orderer name (full name)

    3: Product number, size, color

    4: Details of defective parts

    contact address



    About Indian cotton products

    It is printed with a traditional Indian technique in which the ink is hand -carved woodcut and the ink is hand -made for each type of woodcut.

    Since all are made by hand, it is characterized by a warm expression unique to handmade that can not be reached by a machine.

    Due to the nature of such a production process, there may be unevenness and spots in the size, pattern, and color. Please note.

    In Japan, we try to prevent discoloration after watering, but please note that it may cause discoloration due to extreme water and friction.


    About African Fabric

    I use African wax print cloth.

    At the time of product production, water is passed through the cloth to prevent discoloration due to water as much as possible, such as applying the color to stop the color.

    Please note that due to the nature of the print, it may discolor due to extreme water and friction.

    The fabric may have color unevenness and spots, but please note that it was created during print production.


    [Return / exchange reception conditions]

    If you wish to return the goods due to the convenience of customers, such as when the size is not suitable or the image is different, we only accept replacements. Please note.

    If it meets the following conditions, we cannot accept returns and exchanges.

    ・ Products that have been over 7 days after delivery

    ・ Products used by customers

    ・ When product tags, accessories, boxes, etc. are damaged, stained, lost, destroyed

    ・ Products that have been processed by customers

    ・ If it is judged to have been washed or cleaned on our standards

    ・ If the product smells or scratches, etc.


    [Refund procedure]


    After the claim cancellation process, the credit company will refund or offset the billing amount.

    In the case of postpayment

    We will transfer to the designated account.

    * If the delivered product is a defective product, please pay the return shipping fee and transfer fee except for the difference from the order contents.