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    【Company】 Sen Art&Creative Consulting, Ltd.

    【CEO】 Makiko Tsuchiya

    【Address】2F, 3-5-9 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan                   155-0031


    03-6804-7172 weekdays 11:00~16: 00(Sat, Sun & public holidays・holidays excluded)



    The product price¥ displayed on this site.

    When the amount displayed in this site is described as "amount+(tax)", the "tax-excluded" price is displayed.

    If there is no description such as "amount(tax included)" or tax-excluded, etc.  It is "tax-included price".

    ※Shipping fee is not included.


    Shipping Fee

    Basic shipping information as listed below.

    ※5,000 yen or more purchase free shipping in domestic area.

    Japan Post:  Yu packet

    Track&Trace Service〇

    Compensation X

    Shipping Fee 300 yen

    Japan Post:  Yu-pack(parcel)

    Track&Trace Service〇

    Compensation 〇

    Shipping Fee 800 yen

    Payment methods

    Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Authorize net, Google Pay, Paypal, Sage Pay, VISA, Master Card, American Express


    Replacement of defective products

    We are careful about the product inspection, but please contact us by email within 7days after the product arrives if there is a damage or defect in the product or if the received product is different from your order.  We accept shipping costs at our expense in case of domestic shipping.

    If the item is defective, it will be exchanged for the same item only if it is in stock.  If there is no exchangeable stock, we will correspond by refund.

    ※Please do not return the products without contacting us.

    Please enter the following information when contacting us.

    1:Order number

    2:Your Order Name (full name)

    3:Item number・size・color

    4:Details of defects



    About the condition of return/exchange acceptance

    The customer requests for return or exchange:

    When the size does not fit or the image is different, please kindly note that we only accept exchange.

    We can not accept returns or exchanges if the following conditions apply.

    ・Items 7 days or more after delivery

    ・Products used/worn by customers

    ・If the product tag, accessories, or box is damaged, lost or destroyed.

    ・Products processed by customers

    ・If it is determined that the products have been washed or dry clean.

    ・If the product has odors or scrathes.


    Refund procedures

    In the case of credit

    After cancellation of billing, the credit company will refund.

    If the case of postpaid

    We will transfer to the designated account.

    ※Unless the product is defective or different from the order details, shipping fee and transfer fee will be paid by the customer.