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    Founder・Creative Director

    Makiko Okura 

    My oldest memory starts with color.

    The green of a carpet, mom's red shirt, blue dress, a monochrome picture book ...

    My color memory reminds me of the world of my memory. I remember the feelings I had when I was a child, the look at my little self, the smell of the air, and at one point the reminds I felt when I was a child.

    PICHU PICHU TOKYO aims to express colorful and romantic designs on comfortable materials while making a unique contribution to the life improvement of the people making our products.

    I will live to continue producing items to remember, hoping that when children grow up, I can help them with such wonderful that remind them of their warm affection.


    Studied in England, started as staff member at TOCCA in 1998, promoted to store manager of the TOCCA flagship store in Aoyama, then buyer, MD and project manager2008: Promoted to TOCCA Brand Director2018: Departed from TOCCA to purse new venture2019: Founded PICHU PICHU TOKYO with three themes: fostering an employment environment with no age limits, , creating employment opportunities to support financial independence of workers, and spreading the word regarding Japanese craftsmanship across the world

    ・The origin of the logo・

    The origin of the logo・ PICHU PICHU is named after the chirping of the blue-and-white flycatchers who inform us of the beginning of summer.

    The logo shows the blue-and-white flycatcher, who sings about the joy of life while holding onto the fruits of Japanese pepper. Our mission is to spread the seeds of the fruit of happiness so that they may be sown and take root throughout the world.

    It is our hope that the colorful and exotic fabrics, along with cute and active designs, will shower our customers with warmth, joy and kindness.