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    Make producers and consumers happy.
    Beyond consumer activities that will lead to the future.

    "PICHU PICHU TOKYO" will carry out production activities for children's clothing, miscellaneous goods,
    and home items in order to "promote employment in areas where the ratio of women and the elderly who need employment support is high" and "revitalize local industries." 


    "You are loved."

    We support the social and economic independence of producers and aim for a world where each and every one of us shines.

    We will deliver products with the kindness and hope of the creators and create a society where children can have hope for the future.

    Through the power of design, we create a world where each person shines with pride.

    We aim to be a brand that continues to generate positives.


    ・Achieve economic independence and social benefitsfor women through job creation
    ・Collaborate with and support active local elderly people who possess skills such as sewing
    ・Support local economic development by employing women of retirement age and mothers with small children
    ・Contribute to a better quality of life for women who work at hand-crafted facilities throughout the world by placing orders with those facilities
    ・Contribute to the passing down of traditional craftsmanship by keeping activities local
    ・Re-use materials leftover from the production process to minimize waste・Avoid the use of plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic waste 





    Okinoerabujima's own work studio

    Our own studio in Okinoerabu Island・ We have our own work studio on the remote Japanese island of Okinoerabu, which is located towards the southern end of Kagoshima prefecture. The island is a natural paradise both above and below the water. The population stands at roughly 13,000 people, with nearly a third of the population of retirement age, but with a fertility rate well above the national average. Clothes have been hand-made for many generations and there are still many mothers and grandmothers who are highly skilled in sewing.Our studio creates part-time job opportunities for the elderly and mothers with small children, and it is here that we produce our products for babies and small children.

    Enlarge Co,. Ltd Isesaki

    Enlarge is a well-established lace manufacturingcompany in Isesaki city, Gunma prefecture. All of the fabrics and dresses for the PICHU PICHU “DRESS COLLECTION” are produced here. More than half of the employees have been working for this company for over 30 years supporting the quality behind “MADE IN JAPAN”.While many manufacturing facilities are shifting their production to overseas, Enlarge continues to keep their tradition of producing ordered items in Japan, while also actively developing new materials to maintain the local economy.Enlarge is an OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 certified company and provides safe textiles through environmentally friendly and safe production processes.

    RICCI EVERYDAY, partner factory in Uganda This partner factory is the main manufacturing facility for the popular bag brand RICCI EVERYDAY, which was established back in 2015 by Chizu Nakamoto in Kampala, Uganda. RICCI EVERYDAY employs 18 staff, mainly single mothers, and endeavors to help these employees to achieve financial independence and further the education of their children. PICHU PICHUis committed to help RICCI EVERYDAY to expand their product line to apparel this year by regularly placing orders and helping them to improve their apparel-making skills.