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    Both producers and consumers are happy.

    To beyond the consumption activity that leads to the future.

    "Pichu Pichu" is

    Promotion of employment in women who need employment support and in areas with high ratio of the elderly,

    Revitalization of regional industriesProduction activities for the purpose ofA brand that handles children's clothing, miscellaneous goods, and home itemsis.

    We aim to create manufacturers that can be happy to be happy both producers and customers.

    ■ Vision

    "You are loved."

    Supporting the social and economic independence of producers,

    In a world where each person shines.

    Deliver products with the kindness and hope of the creator,

    Create a society where children can have hope for the future.

    With the power of the design, it is a world where each and every one shines.

    We aim to be a brand that keeps producing positive.

    ■ Mission

    ・ We aim to balance women's economic independence and social interests.

    ・ We aim for regional co -creation by supporting the success of the elderly with sewing technologies.

    ・ We support economic activities with generations, such as the child -rearing generation and the work sharing of the elderly.

    ・ Employs women who need employment supportBy ordering production from the studio, it will contribute to improving their lives.

    ・ Contribute to the inheritance of traditional manufacturing by economic activity.

    ・ Use the remaining cloth in the manufacturing process to be used effectively on another product and reduce the number of parts to be discarded as much as possible.

    ・ We will engage in brand activities in consideration of the environment, such as not using plastic bags.


    Okinoerabe Island Self -Owker Workshop

    There is a small directly managed workshop on Okinagabe Island, a remote island of 13,000 people surrounded by beautiful sea and rich nature located at the southern tip of Kagoshima Prefecture. The percentage of 65 years old or older is 33 % or more, and the birth rate is 2.02, which is a polygon elderly island, significantly exceeding the national average of 1.42.

    Here, by ordering by sewing and ordering in the workshop, the employment of the elderly over the age of 60 and the employment of a child -raising generation. Shortly before I was able to buy things on the net, on an island where there was no place to buy clothes, mothers and grandmothers sewed family clothing. For this reason, many women are over 60 years old with high sewing technologies with high possession of occupational sewing machines. In addition, there is a textile culture unique to the island represented by Basho cloth, and it is a land that is rooted in handicraft culture.

    We are working to become a place to be able to carry both the revitalization of the regional community and the economic activity.

    WHY Okinoerabe Island?

    The beginning is

    The representative, Tsuchiya's parents, were from Okinagabe Island, so he retired early in 2011 and moved to Okinagabe Island. For this reason, the land that my family had visited frequently became a place where my parents' home was located, and I visited every time on a long vacation, and I noticed that the island's wonderfulness and the warmth of people, as well as the small employment opportunities and the aging population. 。

    Many people on the island are hard workers, and many people do three or four jobs alone to make a living. I noticed that most families have an average birth rate of 2.02 and have three children, and many families cost educational expenses. The island has an educational institution to high school, but if you want to receive higher education, you have to get out of the island. Of course, it costs money. Even if you get a scholarship and go on to school, you need a lot of money, such as living expenses and rent.

    I thought that the childcare generation could be pleased if there was a role at home because of the role burden at home. In particular, women over the age of 60 have a high possession of occupational sewing machines and the handicrafts culture is thriving, so I came up with the idea that I would create a sewing job opportunity to create a woman over 60 years old.

    As a result, the elderly can enjoy their lively life, and through the opportunity to teach sewing techniques for child -raising generations, the local community is revitalized, creating opportunities for moms and grandmas to improve their lives and enjoy working. Maybe we can return something to children who are entrusted with the development of the future of nature and cultural islands.

    I wanted to create such a mechanism, so I first gathered a small studio on Okinoerabe Island, gathered people with sewing technology and started making samples. It took about one year to be able to sew a high quality as a product, and it was on sale.

    Enlaze Co., Ltd. Isesaki

    Engrage Co., Ltd., a long -established race manufacturing in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. All the dresses of Dress Collection of Pichu Pichu come from here. More than half employees have been working for more than 30 years, and the skills of skilled technicians are high and support the quality of "Made in Japan". We also manufacture and sell bags using our own races, and are responsible for the inheritance of processing technology and revitalizing the regional industry. With the CO -Tex® Standard 100 certification, which is a proof of safety and security of textile products, the world has been certified, and we have a manufacturing process that is friendly to the creators and the environment.

    The charm of the engraving product from Isesaki

    The beginning was after requesting the first embroidery dress production.

    The president's serious personality appears in a thread and a thread, and the professionalism and honesty that well -managed, such as meter reading and factory cleaning can create beautiful cloths, appears in a highly high quality job. Engrage cherishes skilled technicians, including craftsmen who have been working for more than 40 years, and continues to make delicate and beautiful races with their thoughts on one thread. Due to its high technical capabilities, it creates fabrics for collection brands and luxury underwear, contributing to the inheritance and development of Japanese stinging technology.

    At present, the number of domestic racing factories is halved compared to the peak of the 1980s due to the transfer to China and South Korea. Because of such a background, not only receiving orders, but also the development and planning of new materials in -house, the production and sale of our own original products, and the high -stuck technology as a weapon, the world's "MADE IN JAPAN" stuck fabric. It is evolving every day to expand the wonderfulness.

    Enrage is a long -established factory with high technical capabilities, but also provides an environment -friendly manufacturing process with Eco Tex certification and environmentally friendly. He asked him to make a dress for Little Girls, which uses such a beautiful fabric, and he agreed with the order of small lots.

    Japanese romantic dresses that you want to be inherited.

    We will make things so that we can deliver such a special day that supports the memorable special day.

    Craftsman road

    Machine operator

    A chemical that is called a racing lace using an emblemalie lace loom. The fabric is applied to the cloth, leaving the fabric as it is or drilling a hole, and leaving only the embroidery thread that dissolves the subdivided part. We perform a wide range of expressions such as racing.

    A machine operator who hit the needle about 120 times per minute and adjusts the movement well.

    This is a task that requires accuracy that only a skilled technician can do.

    Type revitalization work

    Work of race patterns by veteran craftsmen who have been engaged for more than 30 years.

    It is the starting point of the engraved lace fabric that creates the expression of a delicate stinging yarn that cannot be put out by the machine by labor and technology by the work of craftsmen.

    Repair work

    When the thread has been cut and scratched during the stake, the fabric is removed from the machine.

    In the millimeter work, move the frame by hand and make a pattern. Repair work that can not be done at other race factories will be more beautiful lace fabric by veteran craftsmen who have been in service for more than 40 years.

    RICCI EVERYDAY Uganda Kobo

    A directly managed workshop of the popular bag brand "RICCI EVERYDAY" established in Uganda Campara, located in East Africa in 2015. We hire 18 people, mainly single mothers, and have their children can go to school, improving their living levels and leading them to financial independence.

    The apparel line debuts from this year. By creating a new production line, we create employment. "Pichu Pichu" will also support the activities of "RICCI EVERYDAY" and develop collaboration items. Regular production orders will contribute to creating new employment and improving apparel technology.


    "RICCI EVERYDAY" from Uganda, which is very popular with bags using African prints

    The story of launching a brand with the attractiveness of a powerful design and the employment support of a single mother, which is released by African Cump, has been attracting attention as a brand that feels the passion and action of COO Nakamoto and good sense. Africa's strong sunshine and a wax -wide and bright personality color palette is like an art work and is attractive to collect many points.

    ■ Brand story ■

    RICCI EVERYDAY is a brand launched by a daughter living in Uganda and a mother who was a housewife in Japan.

    Uganda is a very harsh environment, with a employment rate of about 30%, even if you leave a prestigious university. It is difficult for women who have not received decent education to get a job, and some people choose a way to become a sex worker to live while raising children.

    Wouldn't it be nice if women could work with peace of mind?
    It would be interesting if there was a brand that handles handmade one by one, using a unique material of African prints and Uganda to deliver excitement and playfulness to life. With that in mind, we launched a bag and travel goods brand from Uganda / Shizuoka in August 2015.

    Currently, he has a workshop in Uganda, and his daughter is working with local women to manufacture, and his mother is working in Japan based in Shizuoka's office.

    The theme of COO Nakamoto's head is, "How do you do where the areas that have experienced a dispute overcome the past and continue to create happiness?"

    Design / Technical Partner Design Partner
    Ema Seta EMMA SETA

    It took about a year to work on sewing guidance to pursue a product professional finish. I am involved in improving quality as a partner that supports not only design but also technology and production.


    Joined Wise Co., Ltd. After studying technology at "YOHJI YAMAMOTO", he turned into a lingerie world.
    He launched his own lingerie brand "EMADOLL" and won the first place in the Rakuten Ichiba Women's Daily Ranking. He is involved in racing and materials for the brand "SETA Ichiro" by her husband, Ichiro Seta.
    Founded Amaterasu Co., Ltd. in 2017. We are focusing on creating things that can support women.