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    About product delivery

    Please contact us before purchasing if you are in a hurry. Contact

    If there is a shortage or delay, we will promptly guide you. Delivery processing (major shipping company / post office). We cannot accept a different addressee for each product. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please order for each destination. Please note that we do not accept delivery dates.

    [Delivery method]

    Japan Post: Yupack Desired receipt date and time ○ Product tracking ○ Security ○ Shipping cost: 800 yen nationwide * We are not accepting date and time specifications. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Japan Post: Yu-Packet Desired receipt date and time X Product tracking ○ Guarantee X Shipping fee: 300 yen nationwide

    Products are delivered to customers using Yu-Pack and Yu-Pack of Japan Post. If the size of the product is within 34cm long side, thickness 3cm or less, and weight 1Kg or less, it will be delivered by “Yu-packet” post-posted.

    ※ If the parcel does not enter the post, it will be taken away and an absent letter will be posted.

    ※ Please understand beforehand that we cannot provide any guarantee for accidents, losses or quality deterioration due to Yu-packet delivery.

    ※ It will be delivered to your home post. Please be sure to check the nameplate and lock the post.

    [If the delivery company storage period has passed]

    If the product is returned to our store for reasons such as cancellation after delivery, message disapproval, refusal of receipt, long-term absence etc. We will charge you for the shipping cost of the shipping cost and the shipping cost of the shipping cost when returned to our shop. Return shipping costs vary depending on the delivery region and may be expensive. Even in the case of free shipping conditions, you will receive a round-trip shipping fee.