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    Baby apron dress Reloaded!

    It is often sold out at the same time as the entrance.
    Many inquiries
    Baby apron dress
    Baby apron
    A series of popular soaring
    Flower series flowerSeries - "
    Happy happy little lady
    It is full loading.
    I can't see the apron!
    Lady styleIs completed♡

    Sticky point

    ☆A pattern of many prototypes

    Design without switch to waistFoodIn the washFrom pile experience.

    Considering the ease of washingA pattern with a vertical line.





    Sticky point

    ☆Even if it is dirty!

    Looking for such a cute meal apron!

    100% polyester water repellent materialIt 's right.Eating becomes the center of lifeDuring the weaning periodEssential meal apron.

    Colorful every day,Design with functionalityBaby is also well selected for baby giftsGoods.


    Hometown point

    ☆Gorgeous design like an apron

    Tuck & gatherEmbroidery skirt silhouetteClassical winged ribbonImpressive design.

    A gorgeous diet styleCompletion!


    Functional produts

    Fold out
    Fold out


    "Will you eat?"

    Beginning with the first weaning baby food

    He came to be eaten alone

    Dislike also comes out, and

    Tell me about today's events

    Allow meals while enjoying conversation.

    Such an important daily time like painting

    Color me!

    Easy to care and children can wear it

    I want such a meal apron.

    Many times, trial and error

    But I designed it very much.

    Not only the destination but also the opportunity to take a picture

    I wore this apron in many times

    A wonderful photograph becomes an important one

    The children who grew up are alike

    Apron to their kids

    Gift. I can't replace anything

    At a critical time mom and Dad

    Love from the adults around me

    To connect to one's children

    I hope you can help me.

    Imagination, no, delusion?

    But time to design

    It was a very pleasant time.