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    Pichu Pichu Tokyo

    How to select gift wrapping

    1. First to "add gift wrapping"☑Put ︎.

    2. There is a cursor that can select the wrapping type, so please select the desired wrapping type.

    3. If you want a bonito paper, "Add a bonito paper"☑Put ︎.
    If you do not wish, please proceed to 5.

    4. There is a cursor that can select the type of bonito paper, so please select the desired bonito paper.

    5. Once the selection of "gift wrapping" and "bonito" is completed successfully, put it in "Cart".

    * Please note that if you press "Purchase now", the gift wrapping will not be applied.

    6. When you move to the cart screen, you can see that the product and gift wrapping have been added.

    * If the wrong gift wrapping is selected, please delete the wrong cart and the wrapping contents, and select the wrapping content according to the steps of 1 to 5 again. 。

    * If you purchase multiple points, select the wrapping contents for each item.

    7. If there is no difference in the selection,
    Please proceed to "Purchase procedure".

    * The payment method of the credit card isHerePlease check.