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    Noshi wrapping

    Free original noshi Guide

    Giving birth to important people

    The free service which is indispensable in the "birth celebration" to gift to the important person started. The design is Pichu PICU Tokyo original design. Please feel free to use it.

    Image of the birth

    Finished image

    Method for setting noshi

    1.☑Put in.

    2. Wrapping
    Select "pick wrap"

    The selected wrapping method is adapted and displayed on the screen.

    Put it in the cart.

    * Please note that wrapping will not apply if you press "buy now".

    5. You can see the item and gift box in the screen.

    6. Please enter your "name" to fill in the request.

    7. All orders are confirmed
    Please proceed to your purchase procedure.

    I wish you a wonderful birthday♡

    Pichu PICU Tokyo