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    [Oricon News Web publication information]

    【Oricon News Web掲載情報】 | PICHU PICHU TOKYO

    A lot of new patterns are received to a baby gift item of the PICHU PICHU TOKYO popularity from May 26!
    Only as for all things that 14 pattern all the prints which there is are good to Somers tile.
    Please choose him slowly and carefully in a house although being a pleasure.

    ■Employment promotion in an area having high elderly person ratio

    "PICHU PICHU TOKYO" performs a woman needing working support and the employment promotion in the area that the elderly person ratio is high in, production activity for the purpose of local industrial activation. The baby item is produced by women of remote island Okinoerabujima of a population of 13,000 that aging advances. I send the item which was full of the heart by careful sewing and hope that the ring of the smile is connected.

    ■The Indian cotton dough which cleared the standard of the inspection organization of Japan from Jaipur

    The material which is safe relief for an important baby. I do select in material in consideration for a mom and environment. With comfortable Indian cotton with the quick-drying from Jaipur, the back side uses organic cotton gauze of gentle feel. I use a print side properly at the age of a photograph and can enjoy a cotton gauze surface at the time of meal.

    ■Colorful item with "the memory of the color" as a concept

    Selection of gift "left in the memory" to give an important person. The colorful items which are most suitable for a gift to give it on a baby gift and a memorial day. To the thing which I am brighter as for the time to spend with the baby who put on the item of the color such as the picture in the body, and is kind.
    As for the tender time, collect to the "memory" stock of the baby, and is important; may be a chance to be loved, and to remember time on the far-off future fifth.

    Memory of the color