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    Published by pichu pichu tokyo

    Happy Valentine
    Work Shop

    To smile involuntarily♡Let's give a bow tie card to make with Hagire!

    Make a Valentine's day message card


    i can't help but smile. # Message card


    this year's # Valentine Also a card to serve with chocolate

    Stick to the accent of a fun event!


    what color do you like?what color does it look like?

    the time to create while thinking about the person who gave it

    A special gift that can not be replaced by anything.


    Adults also enjoy dialogue with themselves while matching colors and patterns

    Please enjoy it.

    With a nice commitment

    Let's give you a feeling that you love!


    1.Prepare the ingredients

    what do you have to prepare?、、、

    Drawing paper





    Hagire cloth

    Ribbon tape




    2.Bow Tie making

    \ Very easy/
    Cut the cloth into rectangles!
    once you've got the ribbon in the center
    with your favorite ribbon or a hagiré cut out of a strip of paper
    just tie it up and arrange it.
    Everyone's favorite ribbon parts are finished!
    Please refer to the image
    one-of-a-kind. # Ribbon Please try to produce


    3.Paste with bond



    \ Reserved button, where the spare button comes in/


    Cut collar parts, placket parts, pockets

    when you decide on the layout

    Glue the cloth to the drawing paper.


    Color combinations and pattern combinations

    Button color etc.

    Please complete the style of your choice♪





    this year's # Valentine What is the difference?

    With a heartfelt card with chocolate

    To the accent of a fun event.


    # Home time You can also enjoy

    Please spend the production time full of smiles♡

    Valentine's Day that makes you happy

    with a heartfelt special card
    Valentine's Day full of smiles♡
    "Think about color combinations」
    Time to create a bow tie card
    to the preferences of the recipient
    A color that fits you as well while thinking about it
    I imagine it in my head and produce it.
    # at this time when time is increasing at home
    and make a smile.
    Let's spend Valentine's Day this year, which is only once!
    every single piece of handmade work
    of family of the most important memories
    We hope that this will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about our products and services.
    and when the children grow up
    Increase self-affirmation
    With the base of the heartSo that it will be.

    Director's MEMO

    and imagine that the person who wants to give it will be happy
    and by making them, they foster creativity and uniqueness
    I would be very happy if it could contribute to respect for self-esteem.
    because the time at home has increased due to recent circumstances、
    of children who are busy but growing day by day
    i feel strong and cute
    We hope that our short childhood will be a period of maximum safety and enjoyment.
    my house ... 「 # Reggio Emilia approach We have chosen an early childhood education method called " Child-rearing."
    A small town in northern Italy, advocated by an educator named Lauris Maraguzzi.
    the reggio emilia approach、
    creative activities and art are at the heart of education、
    we respect the rich creativity and expression of our children、
    We value the power to create.
    Creative activities in the group according to the theme
    Do it through the person to each different
    we know that we have values and personalities
    that we need to live in a global society
    the understanding of a diversity society
    from childhoodI think it is an approach to acquire knowledge.
    The educational philosophy of the founder Maraguzzi, who influenced the method of education for his daughterIt is also said that poetry
    "100 words」
    I would like to introduce you.


    — Makiko Tsuchiya —

    100 Words for children
    "But there is a hundred.」

    Lauris Maraguzzi

    (Keiko Tanabe-Translation)

    There are hundreds of children.
    for children
    One hundred Words One hundred hands one hundred thoughts
    A hundred ways of thinking, how to play and talk
    How to listen to a hundred hundred at any time
    How to surprisehow to love, how to sing
    A hundred pleasures to understand
    A hundred Worlds to Discover
    A hundred worlds to invent
    there's a hundred worlds to dream about.
    A child has a hundred words
    ... and more, more, more.…
    but ...
    ninety-nine will be taken away.
    schools and culture
    i'm gonna break my head and my body apart.
    and tell the child
    think without using your hands.
    do it without your head.
    don't talk to me. listen to me.
    don't be ridiculous. understand.
    love and surprise
    Only Easter and Christmas
    and tell the child
    Discover the world in front of you
    and then you take ninety-nine out of a hundred.
    and tell the child
    Play and Work
    Reality and Fantasy
    Science and Imagination
    Sky and Earth
    the reason and the dream
    that we don't get together.
    i mean, there's not a hundred.
    The child says
    but there's a hundred.