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    African Swing Bag

    The "African Swing Bag" series, which repeats the sale every time it is received.
    The "African Swing Bag", which is a polite size, is becoming more popular and popular in PC, as the telemonization process has been increasing.

    Customer voice

    PICHU PICHU Tokyo bag, which is always complimonable at the company, can be used on either on/off.In addition, it is not easy to find a size, so we are considering buying different colors.

    an optimum bag for telework

    The "African Swing Bag" can be seen as a means of carrying a PC and carrying on a telemathing."African Swing Bag" is an African Swing Bag that uses an African fabric to be complimed whenever it is held in the office.

    Why our products?

    Good for You

    It uses an African wack sprint dough.It is easy to use a pocket-lined lining with a solid dough.The sizing side of the side is also very popular.

    Made to WOMEN

    A ribbon that shakes with a flit like a skirt is a design point.It is a complimentable item that you feel as if you have a better feeling.

    Revider of industry

    The company has been commissioned to produce production in the company's own workshop, which is located in RICCI EVERYDAY, which is employed mainly in Uganda's single mother.

    You can easily get a 15-inch PC.

    "African Swing Bag" is a 15-inch PC that is hard to enter.The material from the body of the bag is made of the African wack sprint.The "African Swing Bag" body is lighter than the "African Swing Bag" body with a pockets of a thickly thick material, and it is also convenient to move it with a PC, which is too heavy to burden.

    a sensation of size

    "African Swing Bag" feels a sense of size for women, such as PCs, smartphones, makeup and mirrors, to which women are required.A convenient sizable size, when hung from the shoulders, is gaining popularity.

    On/off Best for both cordes

    " It's hard to use a bag that puts a focus on the size of a PC, but it's very difficult to use in a business-like design..It's a design that can be matched on either style, on/off, and so on.


    Sold out
    Sold out

    You don't have to enjoy the "African Swing Bag" at this opportunity.♡

    Customer voice

    It's a light, convenient bag, and it's rare, so it's pretty valuable.A bag that is to be treated like a daughter every time she is.(Laughter)