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    "Candy series

    🍭 What is the candy series? 🍭

    It is a gorgeous design series with a dreamy lace fabric with pastel -colored candy and a transparent flower print fabric with petals falling. The gorgeous and girly design unique to Pichu Pichu Tokyo is full of original tea design. Because it is very popular as a gift, it may be sold out immediately and it is difficult to get it. 。 。 It is such a popular series full of charm.

    🍭 Introduction of lineup 🍭

    Three types of popular items have appeared from the "Candy Series". Because it appears in the same series, you can enjoy it in various combinations.

    In addition, there are items that are developed with excellent designs that can change their wearing and use their favorite as their child's growth. At the workshop of Okinoerabe Island, the children and moms can use it with confidence because they are made carefully by moms and babies.

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Sold out

    🍭 Style introduction 🍭

    Bib & Bloomer

    Stay & bloomers

    The first look is a set of styles and bloomers. The styling gives a gorgeous impression just by attaching it. And because the lining is organic cotton, it is a material that children can use with confidence, and when you eat, you can use it without worrying about dirt when you put the back side.

    Bloomers have a cute back of the standing time as well as hi -hi! The lining is made of Indian cotton print fabric, and the print fabric that claims to be glimpsed from the race can feel a depth color story combined with the lace material.

    The girly style that combines these two items will maximize the cute baby of the baby.♡

    BIB & 2way dress

    Stay & 2WAY dress

    The second look is a set of styles and 2way dresses.

    These two items are popular items that will be sold out immediately during the event, every time the POP UP store of PICHU PICHU TOKYO is held.

    The 2 -way dress is an excellent thing that can be worn as a skirt, as it can be worn as a camoum or a bear dress by tying or removing shoulder straps or removing it. It is a piece that can be used for a long time from 1 to 3 years old.

    This style, which is perfect for baby occasional styles, such as celebration, birthdays, and dinner, is a very cute style that will definitely be praised. Because it is an important event that will be a lifetime, a very cute style♡

    2way dress & Bloomer

    2way dress & bloomers

    The last look is a set of 2way dresses and bloomers.

    Wearing these two items as a setup of tops and bottoms will increase your fashion at a stretch, further exciting the spring and summer fashion that can be said to be the season for girls.

    When wearing a dress as a skirt as it grows, it is also a good idea to wear a wide range of items because it goes well with casual items such as simple tops and cardigans.

    Don't miss this item that will maximize the cute impression♡

    🍭 Candy series is very easy to clean 🍭

    Some say, "It seems to be very difficult to clean because it is such a cute design," but the "candy series" is actually.It is very convenient because it can be easily washed at home! !It turns out that even if we washed 10 times in a household washing machine, there is almost no change in texture.Because it can be easily washed in a home washing machine without having to put it out for cleaning.In this case, moms can wear it with confidence.♡

    Before washing

    After washing 10 times for home washing machine

    Home washing machine 10 times after washing (front fabric / hem)

    Home washing machine 10 times after washing (shoulder strap)

    Home washing machine 10 times after washing (back fabric)

    Home washing machine 10 times after washing (back fabric / hem)

    🍭 Please take a look at the "Candy Series" that has just arrived. 🍭