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    About a card settlement input method

    1.Please input contact information information.

    2.I advance to the choice of the delivery method.

    3.I choose a delivery method.

    4.I advance to paying.

    5.Please input card information.

    ※Forget the input of the security cord;, please input so that there is not it.

    6.Please choose an address in unison with a card or a settlement method.

    7.I pay and am completed

    ※"Name "CVC number" (security cord) listed in a card" is necessary for card information by all means on "card number" "expiration date".After confirmation, please input.

    ※CVC number (security cord) is a password listed in the back side of VISA debit and the credit card. By most cards (VISA, MasterCard, various bankcards), it is listed in the back side of the card, the signature space. Please input the cord of those three columns of listed bottoms.

    By AmericanExpress(AMEX) cards, four columns of cords are usually listed in the entire surface of the card.