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    About how to use coupon code

    Terms of Service

    • Coupon code received from "info@pichupichu.tokyo", LINE's friend registration campaign codeAll half-width and half numbersPlease enter. If you make a mistake in the input, please note that discounts are not adapted.
    • From the purchase procedure screen, enter the coupon code to the checkout screen, and then press the "Apply" button or the "→" button to adapt the discount.
    • We will refuse the adaptation of discounts after payment completion.
    • Use of each coupon code will be used alone and one.
    • Please refrain from saying other coupon codes to other people.


    Coupon input method

    1. Continue to the checkout screen from the purchase screen.

    2. Be sure to enter the coupon code that you want to use on the checkout screen, and press the "Apply" button or the "→" button to adapt the discount.

    ※ Please note that discounts are not adapted if they are not input on this screen.

    3. If you are using Mobile, open the Cart button on the checkout screen and enter the coupon code.

    4. Discounts are adapted

    If you have any questions, please contact "info@pichupichu.tokyo".