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    Let's give a beer cake on Father's Day!

    Father's Day

    Published by PICHU PICHU TOKYO

    【Ochi Bar opened♡】
    Father's Day is a beer cake
    Let's convey daily gratitude

    Of 2020 followed by #Father's Day ,
    # House time "All family membersEnjoy it♪
    Make a beer cakeSpecial
    Open the house Bar!
    My favorite daddy who is working hard every day
    To GrandpaLet's give a toast of gratitude.
    Unexpectedly easy /
    Beer cake is made of paper paper.
    The pedestal part of the cake is 4 cans of 350 Brewer
    The upper part of the cake is made with a total of 5 cans with a total of 5 cans.
    Have fun drawing with paint,
    Hagilet and glitter origami,
    Racing, seal, etc.It is something in the house
    Let's decorate!


    Because the upper part of the cake is for one can
    As a beer-specific cover from the next day
    Let's use it♡
    It is fun to make some variations
    Special still in dad in the bar
    While putting your favorite music,
    I hope you enjoy sake slowly.
    -Cake parts 4 parts-
    1 cake pedestal 2 cake top
    3 cake base 4 cake platform
    If this part is completed
    Decoration and one in the world
    Original beer cake finish
    Let's make a reference to the way of creation!

    1. Prepare a material

    What to prepare
    Drawing paper
    Origami (this time using gritter type origami)
    Using pompon or seal as you like
    Let's decorate

    2. Create a cake pedestal

    First of all, the cake pedestal
    Cut the paper paper according to the beer size
    Express a special cake using paint!

    Origami collage

    It is okay to wind the wrapping paper


    3. Create a pedestal bottom

    The bottom of the cake pedestal is 18.5 cm in diameter
    350 Brewer 4 cans for 4 cans
    Put 1.5 cm incision inside
    I will fold the valley

    350 Beware 4 cans
    Pedestal sizeconfirm
    Can is 4 cans together cellophane tape
    Let's go around and stabilize it
    Please refrain in the refrigerator as it is


    It is convenient to use 18.5 cm dishes in the mold ^ ^




    If the picture of the cake pedestal is dry

    Cake base base and both ends of the pedestal

    Adhere with the bond.

    Please adhere well.

    4. Create a pedestal


    The lid of the pedestal is 17 cm diameter

    Paste the cloth and decoration

    Create a foundation

    5. Create a top


    Cake top of one can

    Decoration with paint

    Make a spanning with gritter origami

    Try to stick

    Please enjoy the original decoration

    \ ⚘ Complete ⚘ /

    Mini flag and origami flowers etc
    Create decoration parts
    Let's complete a nice cake!
    Thoughtful beer cake in the world♡
    Imagine a smile of dad
    Please spend a fun decoration time♪
    Operation work with children in the house
    Preparation and rearing are difficult
    Family HistoryOne important memory
    I hope that it will be.
    When children grow
    I feel self-affirmation
    With the base of the cocowill become.
    Adults are also enjoyed together.

    Director's Memo

    Imagine to be delighted by those who want to give
    Create creativity and uniqueness by children producing
    I am very happy to be a contrary to respect self-esteem.
    With the increasing "house time" in the recent circumstances,
    I am busy and my children grow every day
    I feel like a lot
    I hope that the short kids will be safe and enjoyable.
    My home is # Leggio Emilia Approach Choose the infant education law and child care.
    Lauris Malagutzi educator advocated in a small town of North Italy
    The Leggio Emilia Approach is
    Creative activity and art are at the center of education,
    Respect the rich ideas and expressions of children,
    We value the power to create.
    Creativity in the group along the theme
    Those people are different for people through
    Know that there is a sense of value and individuality
    Necessary to live a global society
    Understanding to "Diversity Society"
    From childhoodI think it is an approach to wear.
    Educational Philosophy of Malagzzy, Founder Malagzzy, which affected by educational law to daughterPoetry is also said
    "100 words"
    I would like to introduce.


    -Makiko TSuchiya-

    Children's 100 words
    "But there is a hundred."

    Loris Malagzzi

    Keiko Tanabe, translation)

    Children have one hundred.
    Hundreds of things hundreds of hundreds of things
    How to play one hundred way of thinking and how to talk
    How to listen to one hundred hundred
    BehindHow to loves
    Hundred joy to understand
    Hundreds of world to discover
    Hundreds of worlds for inventing
    There are a hundred world to dream
    Children have hundreds of words
    ... then more ...
    Kuwani is robbed
    School and culture
    Her the head and her boring
    And tell the child
    Do not use your hand
    Do not use your head
    Listen without talking
    Understand not
    Love or surprise
    Only the revival festival and Christmas
    And tell the child
    Discover the world in front of you
    And I will take the ninety nine of the hundred nine nine
    And tell the child
    Play and work
    Reality and fancy
    Science and imagination
    Empty and earth
    Capture and dreams
    It is something that is not together
    In other words, say that there is no one hundred
    Children say
    But there is one hundred




    Let's give a beer cake on Father's Day!

    Father's Day

    Published by PICHU PICHU TOKYO