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    A bright summer in the sun
    Happy time!

    Pichi PICU Tokyo
    Here comes.
    New Rompers reflect in the summer sun
    Expressing coloring and unchangeable love
    Lace detail is a feature of design♪
    As a proof of safe textiles
    Global ecotex ® Standard
    By using certified dough
    You can wear it in peace.
    Having each personality
    Three color development like PICU PICU Tokyo.
    Which one do you choose?

    Functional produts

    Fold out
    Fold out
    Fold out



    Baby steamed with diapers

    Summer style.

    I can spend a little cooler

    Easy to penetrate peer-to-peer

    I was moved to the silhouette.

    The summer sunlight is very good

    Concept of "memorizing"

    Impressive color story and

    Having a mild dry feeling

    It is one of the sticky selection.

    Every day is baby

    It is too early.

    It's very difficult for me, but

    From behind

    A very important and precious baby time.

    The time to be loved

    In one's spare memory

    I hope you will be able to come.


    Impressive coloring fabric

    Javelin made of India cotton is the perfect fit for the season.It is one of the reasons why it is good for quick drying, and the touch is popular.
    It is developed with the design of three different colorsYou can enjoy the summer style with which you choose.
    It is one another for the vacation that the sun laughs.

    With love in detail

    I used many textiles to make cute children more cute.
    It is expressed in the race made in Japan, and the lace fabric of the upper body entering as a point of the design accent is eco tex ® Standard 100 * certified fabric is used.
    I hope you will make the summer style more enjoyable.
    With the highest safety level in the world, it is proven that there is no chemical substance which is harmful to fiber related material and "product."Certificate of safety textile.
    Lace cloth only.
    * the printing cloth is handled only by the product of inspection result of the detection of formaldehyde in Japan quality inspection organization.

    Three color expansion




    Reflected in summer sunlight
    With colorful color items
    Please enjoy super style.