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    Indian Cotton Series

    India Cotton Series

    India cotton fabric series
    A colorful palette of colorful, happy aura, yellow, green and coral is popular!
    The weird textile doubles♡

    Indian Cotton Series
    ☟Introduction of variation☟

    Baby style

    Baby bloom

    Baby Rompers

    Eco bag

    Mama pajamas

    Memory of childhood

    Carpet green, mother's red shirt, blue dress, monochrome picture book

    We believe in the piece of memory that color gives, and we design one point one point.

    In the distant future of the children, I remember the affection from the kindness of the color that I had in my childhood as one page of my memory

    I pray that I can help such a wonderful thing, and it produces it by making the thing which contributes to the improvement of the life of the person who makes "memorable item".

    India cotton goods

    About India cotton goods

    It is printed with the traditional technique of India, which uses the hand engraved woodblock to push ink to the cloth manually.

    Because it is made by manual work, it is characterized by the warm expression of the handmade hand made by the machine.

    The size, pattern, embroidery and color of the production process may be uneven or stained. Please understand beforehand.


    In Japan, there is friction (especially in the wet state) and the friction of the cloth

    Please note that the color may shift to other clothes or underwear when wet with rain.

    The quality inspection organization of Japan handles only the product of the inspection result of formaldehyde undetected.

    It is pleased as a birth celebration

    Remain in memory
    I want to give birth celebration

    Mama receiving birth celebration

    Looking for baby gifts?

    Don't bite me!

    Celebratory and sexual birth

    Please leave it to Pichu PICU Tokyo.