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    Introducing print fabric for popular items!

    Introducing some print fabrics of the "Cheerful" series that is perfect for gifts!
    Pichu Pichu Tokyo (Pichu Picchutokyo) Director, Makiko Okura's favorite print fabric.

    Yellow and Pink Flowers

    Pichu Pichu TOKYO (Pichu Picchutokyo) A print where a pink flower shines on the yellow that appears frequently.
    It is a fabric that makes you feel bright, energetic and happy just by looking at it.
    Not only baby styles and bloomers, but also the fabric that appears in adult pajamas and eco bags, so you can also "link coordinates" for mom & kids.♡Therefore, it is a very popular print fabric for gifts.

    Pink Paisley

    Pink and mint colored paisley patterns are finished in soft colors, so you can feel the pink refreshing.
    When the baby wears the atmosphere, the finish is exquisitely cute, and when adults incorporate them into the usual styling with eco bags, the sense of fashion increases at a stretch.♡
    It is a print fabric that is popular with a wide range of customers.

    Birds and Flowers

    A flower that blooms gorgeously on the base fabric and colorful birds that emit beauty around it.
    The more you sigh, the more colorful and exquisite color combination has been a hot topic since its release, and no matter which item it is deployed, it will be sold out immediately.
    Once you meet, it's an unforgettable and very attractive fabric.

    What is the favorite print fabric of Makiko Okura?

    Introducing Pichu Pichu Tokyo Director, Makiko Okura's favorite print fabric!
    Which print fabric is your favorite among many printed fabrics?♡

    Yellow and Pink Flowers

    The "Yellow x Pink Flower" introduced earlier is also the director Okura.favorite♡
    Especially baby items such as styles and bloomers are pleased with gifts for childbirth celebration and are highly recommended!

    Purple Flowers

    This is printed with art touch full of fabrics
    When using it for items that are actually developed, white and pink lace frills are cute to match the fabric!


    This fabric, which blooms in the sky, is drawn with various kinds of flowers, is a print that combines Okura's favorite colors such as Green Red Yellow. Items using this fabric tend to be sold out immediately, so please check it out when you meet.♡

    Did you find the print fabric you are interested in?

    How was the fabric introduced?
    Pichu pichu Tokyo items made using many printed fabric
    Please do not miss it! !