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    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl's Birth Celebration Popularity Ranking

    What is the gifts of girls' birth celebrations?

    We introduce popular items perfect for girls' birth celebration
    As soon as a baby is born
    What kind of thing to give birth celebration
    Are you pleased ...?
    There are many things to think.
    "I want to know the birth celebration that you can be delighted in the girth celebration of girls!"
    "What is the popular item of girth celebration of girls?"
    "Tell me a birth celebration that does not fail!"
    And you have a variety of questions
    It has increased.
    This time from Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    Ideal for girls' birth celebration and popular
    I would like to introduce items in the ranking format!
    If you are looking for a girl's birth celebration right now♡
    Match birth celebration manners and pleasure points
    It is introduced in the ranking format.
    Please refer to it.

    What is the Girl's Birth Celebration Market?

    relationship Price

    General market value






    Brothers, relatives


    First of all, we will introduce the market value of birth celebration. Baby giftThe amount is too high,When it is cheap,It is also rude. . .After understanding the market price properly,Let's look for girls' birth celebrations!

    Manners that should be careful with girls' birth celebrations

    What is a manor who should be careful with baby celebration?

    1. Timing to give birth celebration of girls

    The timing to give birth celebration isOne week to one month after the baby was bornIt is the best to give to.
    It is safe to avoid it because the mom is also a serious time before birth and childbirth.

    2. Design to give to girls' birth celebration

    It is chosen as a giving birth celebration of girls,"girly"design.
    Color"Pink" "Red" "Orange" "Yellow"Cute color, such as, more than dark colorsColorful itemsIt seems that people are often pleased as a gift for celebrations.
    or,Girly design such as "flower pattern" and "ribbon"It is also the best as a gift for girls. Come, when you get lost, please refer to it.

    3. Size to give to girls' birth celebration

    The baby's size is said to be about "50 cm" size. Baby will grow more and more, soSize "80 cm" size that can be worn after a year after being bornIt can be said that it is general to choose.

    Girl birth celebration
    popularity ranking

    Girl birth celebration
    # 7

    Popular to be sold out simultaneouslyitem

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girls Baby Birth Celebration Rank 7 Candy Ribbon Stay

    Girls' birth celebration popular ranking 7th place is the topic "Candy Ribbon" series of the topic when it is sold out immediately with arrival.

    "Pink color" that is ideal for giving birth of girlsGorgeous impressions and ribbons and frills used for detail,Perfect for giving celebrations of girlsIt is.

    Popular items when mommy is for your own childTherefore, it is also recommended for those who care about mom.

    Girl birth celebration
    # 6
    Candy Ribbon Burma

    Cute cute design as a call Bulluma

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl Baby Birth Celebration Rank # 6 Candy Ribbon Burma

    Bullmovement of the "Candy Ribbon" series introduced in seventh place.

    Burma design is cute design with frilled design"The appearance that the baby wears is too cute♡Voices continueIt is a designed design.

    As the sty, for glamorous designs,It is also suitable as a baby outgoing clothesAndIn addition, because there is a cute picture so cute, the design to be delighted by the girth celebration of the girlis.

    Girl birth celebration
    # 5
    Cheerful Baby Romper

    Popular secrets of frills and races and popular Indian cotton♡

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl Baby Birth Celebration Ranked 5th Cheerful Baby Romper

    Girls' birth celebration popular rankings 5th place, CHEERFUL BABY romper cute with the combination of Indian cotton and race.

    In the girth celebration of girls, items that contain design elements such as "pastel color" and "race" "frill" are very popular and colorful designs are especiallyPerfect design for giving birth to friendly friendsIt is a recommended item when you get lost.

    Girl birth celebration
    4th place
    Our Cheerful Eco-Bag

    Mom also I'm glad Impressive Mommy with colorful patterns

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl's Birth Celebration Rank 4th Our Cheerful Eco-Bag

    Girls' birth celebration popular ranking 4th place is Our Cheerful Eco-Bag."I can give up and praise it" and I have a lot of reviews from the useris.

    Our Cheerful Eco-Bag is the same pattern, and baby styles and Burma are also developing.Not only baby but also mommy also want to give some gifts!It is a perfect gift.

    It is a popular item of Pichu Pichu tokyo,Not only the birth celebration of girls but also items that are best for any giftis.

    Girl birth celebration
    # 3
    Our Cheerful Eco-Bag

    Mast items for girls' birth celebrations!

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl's Birth Celebration Rank 3rd Our Cheerful Burma

    Girls' birth celebration Popularity ranking third largest Baby Cheerful series, frifries are very cute Burma.

    This bloom isStay and set ¥ 8,800 (tax included) And girlBest pricing for baby celebrationIt is a series that is perfect as an item of the item's glamor of the item.

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo, which cherishes the "Memory of the Little Little Color", I was getting a childhood in a early childhood, somedayI remember "the kindness of color" and be wrapped in a lot of loved memoryAnd I have such a feeling.

    Girl birth celebration
    # 2

    The girl is delighted cute! Any ornate design that is absolutely pleased

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl Baby Birth Celebration Ranked # 2 Plondress

    Girls' birth celebration popular ranking 2nd place, "Dining Anepro Dress" characterized by colorful design.

    If you select "80-90 cm" 3Wearing to ageSo, "Even if you get it, you will not be able to wear it soon ..."Popular items that are also eliminated mommy's anxietyis.

    Furthermore, they are developing with highly popular "flower pattern" for girls' birth celebrations,Material is easy to clean, and it is very happy for momIt is an item without doubt.

    Girl birth celebration
    # 1
    Baby Cheerful Style

    Popular items for breeding celebrations without mistakes!

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Girl Baby Celebration Rank No. 1 Baby Cheerful Style


    Girls' birth celebration Popularity ranking 1st place, "Stay Baby Cheerful Series"!

    In all print patterns, colors, design, it is a perfect item for girls' birth celebrations,When I'm looking for a giving celebration of a girl, "If you get lost, this!"It is an item.

    importantBaby is made of safe and safe material, and Mom and environmentally friendly materialAs we are selecting,I am pleased with a feeling of feeling

    "Girl birth celebration" to celebrate that important treasures have increased

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo Celebrate that the important treasure has increased "Celebration of Girls"
    How was the ranking introduced?
    A baby gifts celebration to celebrate that the important treasure has increased to that important person.
    Through "Girls' Celebration"
    As one of the baby gifts that remember in one page of important life
    Pichu Pichu TOKYO itemI hope you can help you.

    What's Pichu Pichu Tokyo?

    Girls Popular Brands for Celebration Celebration
    What is Pichu Pichu TOKYO?

    What is the brand Pichu Pichu Tokyo popular with girls' birth celebrations?

    My oldest memory starts from the color.

    Carpet Green, Mom Red Shirts, Blue One Piece, Monokuro picture book

    The world of memories focused on the colors, the smell of air, the smell of air, and when there is a smell of the air, I remember the emotions.

    Expressing colorful and comfortable materials with romantic designs and aim to create an on-one thing that contributes to the improvement of the life of "created".

    As a page of memory someday someday for the future, I remember that I can be remembered, while praying for such a wonderful assistance.


    Producers and consumers are happy. To the future of consumption activities connected to the future.
    "Pichu Pichu Tokyo" is a brand that handles children's clothing, miscellaneous goods, and home items that provide production activities for women and elderly people who need employment support and the purpose of the regional industries.

    Producers also aim to make things that can be happy to be happy with customers.

    Director Makiko TSuchiya