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    2020.5.10 (Sun) will be held!

    Let's give handmade photo collage!

    MOTHER's Day

    Published by PICHU PICHU TOKYO

    [Photo collage]
    ⚘ Present campaign ⚘

    It is every day that lifetent requests continue# House timeHow is it spent?
    This year's Omori Golden Week creates [Special Photo Collage] and gives to "Baaaa" that you love to meet, or with mom and dad, with a family and cute photo frame while creating with mom and dad. #Mother's Day Would you like to decorate?
    With cardboard, old cloth, origami, masking tape, ribbon, artificial flowers, etc.
    HAPPY MOTHER theme-My favorite mom of spring♪Let's express ~!
    It may be fun to use leaves and twigs♡
    If you have a creative time for your home time ...
    As a thought, we will hold a Photocraze Festival as a campaign for Instagram. From the time you participate, three people are prepared as a creative award for three people.
    We are waiting for participation in the campaign to this opportunity♡

    ⚘ Campaign application method ⚘

    1 Create a photo collage with reference to how to make a photo collage.
    ② 「#PichupichiutokyoPost a hashtag in the photo collage you created to your own Instagram account.
    3 application completion
    · Applying deadline
    May 10, 2020 (Sun) 23:59 Deadline
    ※It has ended. Thank you for your many applications.
    · Present contents
    From among the photos you applied, 3 people as a creative award Pichu Pichu TOKYO # Eco-backAnd a set of ribbon clips will be presented.
    (Please note that you will choose from here.)
    * 1 Counts an account as a per minute. Sisters and brothers are one set of presents even if you apply for your brother.
    * Please send an image to the DM of this brand.
    The results will be announced on May 12 in this Instagram.

    Anyone is easy!
    How to make a photo collage /

    1. Prepare a material

    First of all, what is prepared
    · Base cardboard
    (Please prepare your favorite size. A small size such as A4 size and B5 size is recommended.)
    · Scissors
    · Needle, yarn
    · Pale cloth
    ·Masking tape
    · Artificial flower
    Anyone who wants to stick to the photo collage is OK!

    2. Determine the layout

    If you put a cardboard, you will decide the layout.
    Let's temporarily put it while imagining the completion, such as color matching.
    What kind of design is what?
    While imagining the color and taste of your grandmother♡
    What color of my favorite mom is?
    Combine collage with moms and dads and fun!



    3. Paste the prepared parts

    Let's put a bond or a ribbon in a favorite place and try to put a ribbon or a masking tape, etc., and fill it up more and more.
    When you want to finish in a three-dimensional and colorful image,
    It is recommended that combinations such as artificial flower + ribbon + masking tape + race.
    Create an Only One Collage with the individuality with old cloth or origami!
    It is recommended to write a message to a space that is vacant♡

    4. Finally complete! !

    Cute, cute feeling of cute feeling collage completed!
    This year's Omori Golden Week creates [Special Photo Collage] and I love you even if I can not meet#You can not forget while giving you a feeling of giving me a family and creating a family with moms and dads #Mother's Day Let's decorate♡
    If there is no photo or part, if you create a box window with origami or color painting paper,
    You can also have a nice card!

    ⚘ Extra edition ⚘

    Open a smart-only cafe that is always busy!
    Menu also created in collage♡
    Cute cafe capacity is a big deal.
    May the Mom's snack time will be time full of smiles and kindness♪

    Director's Memo

    In this collage workshop
    Imagine to be delighted by those who want to give
    Create creativity and uniqueness by children producing
    I am very happy to be a contrary to respect self-esteem.
    With the increasing "house time" in the recent circumstances,
    I am busy and my children grow every day
    I feel like a lot
    I hope that the short kids will be safe and enjoyable.
    My home is # Leggio Emilia Approach Choose the infant education law and child care.
    Lauris Malagutzi educator advocated in a small town of North Italy
    The Leggio Emilia Approach is
    Creative activity and art are at the center of education,
    Respect the rich ideas and expressions of children,
    We value the power to create.
    Creativity in the group along the theme
    Those people are different for people through
    Know that there is a sense of value and individuality
    Necessary to live a global society
    Understanding to "Diversity Society"
    From childhoodI think it is an approach to wear.
    Educational Philosophy of Malagzzy, Founder Malagzzy, which affected by educational law to daughterPoetry is also said
    "100 words"
    I would like to introduce.


    -Makiko TSuchiya-

    Children's 100 words
    "But there is a hundred."

    Loris Malagzzi

    Keiko Tanabe, translation)

    Children have one hundred.
    Hundreds of things hundreds of hundreds of things
    How to play one hundred way of thinking and how to talk
    How to listen to one hundred hundred
    BehindHow to loves
    Hundred joy to understand
    Hundreds of world to discover
    Hundreds of worlds for inventing
    There are a hundred world to dream
    Children have hundreds of words
    ... then more ...
    Kuwani is robbed
    School and culture
    Her the head and her boring
    And tell the child
    Do not use your hand
    Do not use your head
    Listen without talking
    Understand not
    Love or surprise
    Only the revival festival and Christmas
    And tell the child
    Discover the world in front of you
    And I will take the ninety nine of the hundred nine nine
    And tell the child
    Play and work
    Reality and fancy
    Science and imagination
    Empty and earth
    Capture and dreams
    It is something that is not together
    In other words, say that there is no one hundred
    Children say
    But there is one hundred

    2020.5.10 (Sun) will be held!

    A nice holiday with Photocraze!

    MOTHER's Day

    Published by PICHU PICHU TOKYO