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    Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    Stay & bloomers
    It became new♡

    The package design of the popular items of Pichu Picchukyo "styling" and "bloomers" has been reborn! ! !

    Popular items such as "Baby Cheerful Series" and "Candy Series". The new package has the logo on the back of the picupichutukyo, and the brand color blue, white, striped, and nuance blue will further fascinate colorful items.

    Items carefully packed with a cute package will surely be pleased with the gift♡Please take this opportunity to see items wrapped in the New NEW package!

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    The logo decorates the back
    Very cute

    When gifts
    We will deliver with a ribbon seal!

    If you purchase a styling and bloomers as a set,
    Fresh blue
    Put in a bag
    We will deliver♡

    Stay & bloomers
    Please see it!