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    Apron dress up

    With the increase in the time we spend in our house, we have a chance to cook together, cook and work together and enjoy our time. The pussy is safe and the pussy is safe. This time, I introduce the popular item "apron dress" representative of PICU PICU Tokyo repeatedly repeating the sale again.

    Apron dress up

    Good for you

    It is very careful to choose material and use only material safe for children.

    Maid to girls

    Cute! It is developed in the romantic design with the function and the combination.

    Revitalization of industry

    The production activity for the promotion of employment and the activation of the regional industry in the region with the high proportion of the elderly.

    Voice of PICU PICU Tokyo

    The comfortable "apron dress" seems to be cute and comfortable to wear, and the daughter of the Earl is also worn.

    Good for you

    Of course, it uses only 100% polyester water repellent material to make it easy to care for your child.

    It is the best "apron dress" for the days of the baby food season. It is a "apron dress" which is colorful and colorful every day.

    Voice of PICU PICU Tokyo

    The daughter who watched the movie of various princesses when the time of the time increases and is noticed is wearing the "apron dress" of PICU PICU Tokyo. Laugh

    Maid to girls

    It is an impressive design of the classic winged ribbon with the skirt of the skirt that is sticky feeling with the tuck and the gathers that girls love.

    The design without the switch to the waist is finished from the experience that it is difficult to wash with the spurt in the seam. It adopts the pattern which put the line of the switch in the vertical direction considering the ease of washing.

    Voice of PICU PICU Tokyo

    I was very sympathetic to the background of the brand called ecological brand.

    Revitalization of industry

    There is a small direct operated factory in Okinoerabu Island, which has more than 33% of the population and has a birth rate of 2.02 and a national average of 1.42.

    Here we work with orders and sewing in order to create the employment of elderly women over 60 years old and the employment of women in childcare.

    I work to be able to be a place where both community activation and economic activity are taken.


    "Will you eat?"
    Beginning with the first weaning baby food
    I came to be able to eat alone, and I disliked it.
    Tell me about today's events
    Allow meals while enjoying conversation.

    Such an important daily time is colored like a picture
    Easy to care and children can wear it
    I want such a meal apron, and try and mistake many times
    But I designed it very much.

    Not only the destination but also the opportunity to take a picture
    A lot of wonderful pictures in this apron are important
    Children who have grown up their own meal apron
    Give it to the child,

    Mama and Daddy at a very important time that nothing can replace
    I love my children
    I'm so glad to help you.

    Imagination, no, delusion?
    But the time to design was very fun.


    The apron dress is also pleased with the gift

    It is an item which is pleased with the gift of praise as a gift more than the customer who received the gift.

    Please spend a wonderful time with the apron dress.

    Pichu PICU Tokyo