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    For free research during summer vacation! !
    "GO! Blue Garbage Art Contest"
    Let's participate this year too!

    Environmental protection activities of Aon Japan Group
    In "Go! Blue Project"Continuing from last yearThis summer
    Plastic and otherProduced using waste materials as materials
    "Garbage Art Contest 2022" will be held! !

    As a part of SDGs activities as a free research issue for summer vacation
    Please make a effort with your family and children.

    This time, it is a representative of Pichu Pichu Tokyo,
    Makiko Okura (Makiko Okura) will participate as a judge! !

    【Application period

    August 1, 2022 (Monday) ~ August 31, 2022 (Wednesday)



    [How to apply]
    Please apply by email by attaching the application form to the work image.The application formHere
    * Download the linked application form in advance, enter the necessary information, and then.EmailPlease return it by.
    * Please read the precautions for participation.


    * Those who cannot download and enter the linked form *
    Sorry to trouble you, please apply the following necessary items in the e -mail text and fill in the following.

    ❶Creator name

    ❷mail address

    ❸Instagram account name (optional)

    ❹school name


    ❻Use of the applicant's face photo:

    ☐Consent ☐Conditional consent ()

    ❼Public name:

    ☐Consent ☐Conditional consent ()

    ❽School name public:

    ☐Consent ☐Conditional consent ()

    ❾Use of video:

    ☐Consent ☐Conditional consent ()

    About the purpose of use of information
    The information described in the work and the application form (hereinafter referred to as "works / information")
    I will use it for the next purpose.
    ① Notification of contests on SNS such as Instagram and publication of works
    ② Contest -related events including the award ceremony and their recording
    ③ GO! Interview with BLUE activities
    ④ Information document for contest co -op organizations
    ⑤ Accessories, related work, work, etc.

    About the disclosure of information
    Works and information will be posted on the award ceremony and Instagram. In addition, the award ceremony will be recorded and will be used to introduce GO! Blue activities in the future. Check if there is an item that you want to be private. If you are accepted by conditional, check the specific conditions after checking. (Example of conditional consent: photos of not identifying faces, etc.)


    Preschoolers -Small 2 categories | Small 3-6 Division |
    The best awards, excellent prizes, and other awards are planned!
     There is also a participation award.



    ・ Application deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

    ·Result announcement: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    At an online event


    【Result announcement】

    We are planning to hold an online results announcement event.

    Applicants who have won the award will be briefly introduced at the result announcement event.

    The details will be guided to the participants as soon as they are decided.



    ・ Students, their families, and friends who agree with GO! Blue's activities


    judging committee】

    Mr. Yoshiaki Domichi (Judge Chairman, Sophia University)
    Takuro Saito (Japan Catholic School Federation)
    Mr. Akemi Ori / Anmakudo Dodo

    (Graduate School of Sophia University)
    Tsuchiya Aki (ink painter)
    Makiko Okura (Pichu Pichu Tokyo Creative Director)


    [Precautions for participation]

    ・ In this contest, we perform outdoor activities in garbage collection activities, so there is a danger such as injury.

    ・ Garbage may contain dangerous goods and harmful substances.

    ・ Please be careful with each other, as AON and sponsoring organizations are not responsible for injury, illness, or damage to others due to the activity.

    ・ Please do not enter a prohibited area or a dangerous place to collect garbage.

    ・ Personal information collected for participation will be used and managed appropriately in accordance with the AON personal information protection policy.

    "Go! Blue Project
    (Go Blue Project) "

    "Go!Do you know the Blue Project? "GO! Blue Project" is an initiative to reduce marine plastic trash and reduce the burden on the environment.

    It is a project to learn the problems that are happening together and protect the sea and nature so that you can enjoy beautiful blue sea and rich nature when you are an adult.

    What we can do to protect the richness of the sea

    There are four things we can do to protect the richness of the sea.

    They are "reducing", "recovery", "reusing", and "regenerating".

    Let's do these four in our lives.

    Let's spread this activity around the world! !

    I think it is possible to expand the same activity overseas through posts and SNS posts.

    Let's work together, as the transmission of each person will lead to big activities around the world and to protect the beautiful sea and rich nature.

    For the future of children
    Let's increase the number of friends with the same goal! !

    Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    Initiatives for marine plastic problems

    At Pichu Pichu Tokyo, as a brand mission

    We have seven important missions.

    One of them is as a mission to the marine plastic problem

    "We will engage in brand activities that take into account the marine plastic problem, such as not using plastic bags."

    There is a mission.

    Okura's parents, the representative of Pichu Pichu Tokyo, are from Okinagabe Island. Okura will frequently visit parents who retired early in 2011 and moved to Okinagabu Island.

    You will visit the island every time you have a long vacation, and you will feel the wonderfulness of nature and the warmth of people, and you will know the current state of various remote islands.


    This island, surrounded by beautiful sea and nature, is also facing the marine plastic problem, and the people on the island picked up trash every morning to solve the problem.

    But the garbage still flows on a daily basis.


    When you witness such a problem, Pichu Pichu Tokyo

    We decided to work on the marine plastic problem and engage in environmentally friendly brand activities.


    While protecting the beautiful sea and rich nature, we will deliver products with hope and create a society where children can have hope for the future.

    World Environmental Day 2022
    Pichu Pichu Tokyo
    "Select a gentle lifestyle"


    With the World Environmental Day, which is visited every year, Pichu Pichu Tokyo has posted blogs to deepen interest in environmental conservation.

    What is the environmental protection of the earth? What is harmony with nature?
    What is marine garbage? 。 。 。
    Because of the questions, you can know and imagine the world's universal "environmental issues."
    Please take a look at this opportunity.