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    Pichu Pichu Tokyo News

    [POP UP Information] Yamagataya Kagoshima Popup will be held!

    [POP UP Information] Shinjuku Takashimaya Popup will be held!

    [POP UP Information] Kyoto Takashimaya POPUP will be held!

    [New arrival! ] Spring new collections appear one after another!

    [Popular gifts] 25 recommended gifts for Christmas

    [Limited time! ] Christmas gift wrapping

    [New arrival! ] New design of the race series appears!

    [New arrival! ] A new Big Eco Bag!

    [POP UP Information] Hankyu Umeda Main Store will be held!

    [Restock information! ] Big eco bag reappears!

    [Look Book]
    Unbearable cute candy look

    [Free study for summer vacation] Let's participate in garbage art contests!

    [New arrival] Candy series
    A new appearance!

    [World Environmental Day 2022]
    Choose a gentle lifestyle

    [POP UP Information] Kobe Hankyu
    Announcement ban ban!

    [POP UP Information] Yamagataya Kagoshima
    Decision on holding!

    [Matsuya Ginza POP UP] Workshop reservation start!

    [Eco Bag Series]
    New design!

    [Candy series] Very popular is now in stock!

    [The long -awaited new work of the apron dress! ]

    [Special Christmas gift]

    [New package appears! ! ]

    [Matsuya Ginza Workshop Held! ]

    [Matsuya Ginza / Kobe Hankyu POP UP! ]

    [What is your favorite print fabric? ]

    [Kyoto Takashimaya POP UP Information]

    [New pattern arrival of popular series! ]

    [Hankyu Umeda POP UP Information]

    [LINE official account appeared! ]

    [In "African Swing Bag"
    A new pattern appears! ]

    [Must -selling adult pajamas
    A new appearance! ]

    [New pattern appeared in popular items! ]

    [Popular Indian cotton series]

    [What is the secret of "apron dress"? ]

    [That bag is perfect for telework! ]

    [The long -awaited adult pajamas reappeared]

    [Opening of home bar♡】

    [Happy Summer Style]

    [Sold items are backed up]

    [To my favorite spring mom]

    [Memorial birth celebration]